Is HGH legal?

Is HGH legal and Should You Use It? Getting older is really crappy. So lately …

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Is HGH legal?

Is HGH legal and Should You Use It? Getting older is really crappy. So lately I’ve been looking into beauty creams and anti-aging type stuff. After all, I’m a mom, I’m not dead! So as I was looking through the internet at my options to stay as young looking as I can, I ran across HGH as an anti-aging option. HGH is a human growth hormone and the injections of it are widely used in the beauty industry, sport and medical treatment of burns and injuries. It shows great results and is well known for its positive effect on the body and mood. Still, it has side-effects, that is why you should carefully calculate all the possible risks as well as an appropriate individual dosage. HGH is widely used in beauty industry. It helps to stop aging and improve the condition of skin and hair. It was proved that women,

Buying a House Even if You Only Make a Little Money

Many low income people turn to help from charities to get a house of their dreams. It is possible to do it all on your own. How do I know? I lived on minimum wage and bought my own home.   Many renters often wonder in the up and down market of real estate, if they are better off renting or should they buy a home. Indeed some are worried that if they buy a house and the market changes, their house might not be worth the price they paid for it. So let us examine some facts. Pros of Renting When a person rents a home the landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance. Freedom to leave when the lease is expired (where as a home owner usually must sell their home first before relocating). Cons of Renting Although the landlord is responsible for repairs, not all landlords are

Spas – The novel and caring gift

As it gets more and more difficult to think of unique gifts to give your friends or even your wife, how about gifts that simple say “I care”? What woman does not like to be pampered? All of us appreciate some me time, away from our daily responsibilities. While we normally manage to do our nails at home after the kids have gone to sleep or color our hair at home, but getting it done at a professional spa has a certain indulgence that we all crave. It used to be pricey and not within everyone’s budget to get a massage or mani pedi, but that has all changed. For a massage Leesburg spa has many options on offer that are easy to book and won’t kill your wallet. These massages are done by professionally trained therapists so that you know your friend is in good hands, literately! Same with

Can You Really Do It All?

We have all heard about the superwoman mom who is expected to juggle everything from the household to the kids to a full-time job. Before I had a baby, I thought I could easily manage it all. After all, I had faced challenges in the past where colleagues left and their work was dumped on my desk without a problem. I simply picked up where they left off and continued to do all of my own work. Surely adding a baby to the mix wouldn’t be too much harder. I don’t know that I have ever been so wrong about something in my life. Having a baby has been a massive change in my life. On some levels, I expected the change. But I wrongly assumed that at least while he was small, I would be able to continue to work as I always had. It wouldn’t be until he

Finding Your Purpose in Life

This is a question I have been struggling with as of late. What is my purpose in life? Am I fulfilling it? Do I do any thing that is truly meaningful? I must say, I am still looking for the answer and I’m not sure I have found it yet. There are parts of my business that I found immensely rewarding and satisfying on a very personal level. It motivates and inspires me to do more. However, unfortunately, those same parts are also the parts that do not bring in the most income. The parts of my business that generate income seem rather mundane, boring and monotonous.   Same stuff, different day. Is it possible to bring meaning to every thing that we do? Is it even advisable to do that? Should the things that make us money to live (and by live, I certainly don’t mean extravagantly) also serve