The 3 Best Waxing Kits for Women

Waxing Kit Buying Guides When it comes to home waxing, it is no wonder that …

Is HGH legal?

Is HGH legal and Should You Use It? Getting older is really crappy. So lately …

Repair It Yourself

Easy does it! A DIY home repair guide solves seven common problems — and saves …

The 3 Best Waxing Kits for Women

Waxing Kit Buying Guides When it comes to home waxing, it is no wonder that most women view it with suspicion. However, the top waxing kits for women have come a long way and these days *it is* possible to have a near-salon level wax without having to leave your house. It just takes a little patience and a love of pain, just kidding! It really isn’t so bad… Read on to find out what products that are out there which can give you professional results time and time again for less than the cost of *one* waxing session at the salon – it’s a no brainer! 1) Clean and Easy Waxing Kit – Spa Basic | Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars This waxing kit comes highly recommended if you want to do away with the traditional hassle of keeping wax at the right temperature through repeated trips

Repair It Yourself

Easy does it! A DIY home repair guide solves seven common problems — and saves you money rather than hiring a plumber or a carpenter. Now of course these are all pretty simple jobs. Depending on your skill level and how “handy” you truly are will also have an effect on the outcome of each of these easy fix-its you can do around your own home. And if you’re unable to do the job, then it might be time to either ask for help or hire a handyman, or woman. And for the really big jobs, a licensed contractor or a builder like Builders Townsville might just be necessary. THE PROBLEM:  LEAKY FAUCET Probable cause:  Worn out or displaced gasket What to do:  1.  Cut off the water supply from the leaky faucet by shutting off the angle valve nearest it. If there is no angle valve, turn off the main valve

Come to my event in January 2017!

So today I decided to host my own event on blogging. A lot of people have contacted me and said that they’d love to start a blog themselves, but just don’t know how. They’re not a “techy” or anything like that. And I understand. Neither was I. Honestly a lot of what I’ve learned over the years has simply been trial and error. Just like learning to cook or anything else. You just have to do. So my plan is to host an all day event here in Houston. It’ll be an eight hour event with an hour break for lunch and a meet and greet afterward. The event will be catered by a company that does event catering Houston. You can see their website here. Also, you’ll need to let me know if you have any specific requests when it comes to the menu; any foods you’re allergic to,

Can You Really Do It All?

We have all heard about the superwoman mom who is expected to juggle everything from the household to the kids to a full-time job. Before I had a baby, I thought I could easily manage it all. After all, I had faced challenges in the past where colleagues left and their work was dumped on my desk without a problem. I simply picked up where they left off and continued to do all of my own work. Surely adding a baby to the mix wouldn’t be too much harder. I don’t know that I have ever been so wrong about something in my life. Having a baby has been a massive change in my life. On some levels, I expected the change. But I wrongly assumed that at least while he was small, I would be able to continue to work as I always had. It wouldn’t be until he

Finding Your Purpose in Life

This is a question I have been struggling with as of late. What is my purpose in life? Am I fulfilling it? Do I do any thing that is truly meaningful? I must say, I am still looking for the answer and I’m not sure I have found it yet. There are parts of my business that I found immensely rewarding and satisfying on a very personal level. It motivates and inspires me to do more. However, unfortunately, those same parts are also the parts that do not bring in the most income. The parts of my business that generate income seem rather mundane, boring and monotonous.   Same stuff, different day. Is it possible to bring meaning to every thing that we do? Is it even advisable to do that? Should the things that make us money to live (and by live, I certainly don’t mean extravagantly) also serve