Advancements in technology have created a generation of kids are more adept at navigating an celia-farriellaelectronic tablet than their own backyard.

Adventure Mom aims to help modern moms take kids outside by offering easy-to-replicate exploration ideas. We’re helping adventurous moms raise adventurous kids who are worn-out after a day full of outdoor fun.

Utilizing the latest technology, social media, video, photography and blog posting we demonstrate tips and tricks for all things alfresco.

Readers look to us for outdoor products reviews, family travel activities, dining, and vacation planning for unique family escapades.

Our content inspires viewers to create their own adventures and find real-world solutions to parenting active children by utilizing products, services and ideas as seen on Adventure Mom.

By providing a variety of adventure with ideas both big and small, readers can pick and choose what works for them now and what to plan for the future.

We document our travels through red rock canyon country one week and plant flowers in our own backyard the next.